Top 7 Money-Saving Apps You Need to Download Right Now

Top 7 Money-Saving Apps You Need to Download Right Now - Consulting a financial advisor before making significant financial decisions is always a wise choice. However, there are numerous apps available that can assist you in saving money on a daily basis.

The best money-saving apps on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets are listed below. These apps can provide shopping discounts, aid in financial management, and enhance your savings habits.

Digit: Best Automated Money Saving App

Digit, similar to Acorns and Qapital, can be linked to a bank account to transfer small amounts of money towards a savings objective.

While Acorns and Qapital necessitate specific criteria to be set by the user before any transfer of funds,

Digit uses a unique algorithm to examine your spending patterns, account balances, and transaction times to determine the ideal amount to put aside.

Throughout the month, deposits towards your savings goal are made intermittently and at varying amounts, but only if the system detects that you can afford it.

Digit is a "set it and forget it" app for saving money, making it perfect for individuals who often find bank account management stressful.

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Acorns: Best Micro Investing App

Acorns, which is also known as Raiz, is a highly favored app for saving and investing on both iOS and Android devices.

Upon connecting your bank account and cards, Acorns automatically rounds up your transactions to the nearest dollar and deposits the leftover change into your Acorns account.

This change is then invested into one of the five portfolios managed by Acorns, which you have the option to select. It also has the potential to increase or decrease in value over time due to the nature of the stock market.

Once you've completed the initial setup, all of the saving and investing is done automatically in the background.

This makes Acorns an excellent choice for individuals who have difficulty motivating themselves or remembering to put money aside each month.

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Groupon: Best Coupon App

Groupon's popularity has made it a household name, and for good reason. This coupon app has a massive presence both in the US and internationally, offering a vast number of coupons for nearly everything, from dining out to cultural experiences.

To avail of the discount, all you have to do is show the selected Groupon coupon when purchasing the product or service.

The savings are not trivial either, with examples of available coupons including a $140 discount on a mattress topper, $15 off on Lindt chocolates, a three-month free subscription to Pandora Premium music streaming service, and $40 off on an Apple Watch band.

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The app known as Shoeboxed, which is also called SquirrelSheet in Australia and New Zealand, has been created to help you save money by tracking your expenses.

You can use this app to claim on your tax return, file an expense report, or provide expenses to a client.

To use the Shoeboxed app, all you have to do is take a picture of your paper receipt using your iOS or Android device camera.

The app will extract all of the necessary information, such as payment method, date, location, and expense, and store it digitally.

You can then send this information through email or export it in other formats like Excel documents.

The app also allows you to search through all the scanned receipts, which is useful when you need to match expenses with a specific item or date. This feature is available on both the Shoeboxed website and within the app itself.

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Qapital is a neobank, which operates through smartphone and tablet apps without any physical branches.

You can use Qapital apps to transfer funds from your existing bank account, manage balances and transfers, and earn interest on your funds like a traditional bank.

What makes Qapital stand out from other neobanks is its approach to savings through the use of mini-apps called applets.

These applets can be set up to automatically transfer a certain amount of money to your savings goal when specific requirements are met.

For example, you can save some money when you achieve a fitness goal or when your favorite sports team wins.

You can even set up an applet that transfers funds to your goal when a particular person tweets or when it starts raining.

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Swagbucks is a well-known free service that enables you to earn gift certificates for big retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Nike.

You can earn points by completing surveys, watching videos, or shopping through referral links via the website or smartphone apps.

The earned points, known as Swagbucks, can be redeemed for gift certificates, which is the main objective of the service.

One interesting feature is that Swagbucks can be exchanged for a PayPal gift certificate, which can be used for additional purchases, such as groceries, or deposited into your savings account for future use.

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Mint: Budget & Track Bills

Mint is an app that consolidates your banking and investment data in a single location to provide a straightforward overview of your finances.

Mint can monitor your bills, payments, and other transactions while creating saving goals for you to aim for.

Apart from displaying all your financial information, the Mint app recognizes your credit score and showcases it in a graph, along with actionable advice to enhance it.

All information is presented in elegant charts with large text, making it easy to understand your spending habits, where your money is going, and where you can improve.

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